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Where can I download the SureRemit app?

You can download the SureRemit App for Apple devices in the iOS app store. The Android version is available on the Google Play Store.

How can I purchase and send a voucher?

On the home screen, click ‘Send Voucher’. Select the recipient country, category, and the merchant. Enter the value that you want to send. Finally, enter the recipient’s details and finalize payment. That’s it; you’re done! The voucher is sent, and the recipient will receive it within minutes!

How can I purchase and send airtime?

On the home screen, click ‘Send Airtime’. Enter the recipient’s country and phone number. Enter the amount you want to send and finalize payment. That’s it, you’re done! The airtime is sent, and the recipient will receive it within minutes.

What is the RMT token?

The RMT token is issued by SureRemit on the Stellar platform. The token is used to facilitate cross border payments/voucher sending in our ecosystem.

Where can I purchase the RMT token?

You can purchase the RMT token in the SureRemit App with your debit/credit card, PayPal or on various exchanges. RMT will be listed on more exchanges in the near future.

How does the in App wallet address work?

All RMT held in the App is kept in a safe and secure central address and not in individual wallets.

How does this work? When you move RMT into the in App wallet address, you can track the transaction in the explorer. Shortly after, the balance will be moved out to the central address for safekeeping. Your RMT balance is of course reflected in the App and you can use your RMT holdings. When you buy vouchers, no individual transactions are tracked on the explorer, but a transaction history is available in App.

How can I pay bills?

On the home screen, click ‘Pay Bills’. Select the recipient’s country, category, and merchant. Then enter the amount that you want to send. Finally, enter the recipient’s details and finalize payment. That’s it; you’re done! The bill is paid, and a confirmation will be sent to the recipient within minutes.

How can I donate to a cause?

On the home screen, click ‘Donate’. Select the recipient’s country and cause. Enter the amount you want to donate, finalize payment, review the summary, and complete the donation. That’s it; you’re done! The donation is immediately sent to the cause (more charities will be added in the near future).

Will you add more countries, partners & merchants?

We have over 1000 merchants and partners globally, and we continue to expand our merchant network. Feel free to send any merchant suggestions to

How can I fund the wallet in App?

Download the SureRemit App and create an account. Your account comes with a wallet address, send RMT tokens to this wallet address. After you have funded the wallet, you can use the RMT to purchase vouchers, pay bills, send airtime, and make charitable donations. Quite simple!

Can I transfer RMT from my App wallet?

Yes! You can transfer RMT in and out of your in-app wallet.

Will the price of RMT fluctuate in my App wallet?

Yes, the USD value of your RMT balance in the App wallet reflects the current market price. This means that the value of RMT in your App wallet will fluctuate the same way it would in any other wallet.

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